MyConnect is independently owned and partnered with the best suppliers in the business. This means that we can find the option best suited to you and your needs. This will save you time, money, and the stress of looking around yourself. We will organise your electricity, gas, Insurance, internet & phone and pay TV connections all in one quick phone call.

At Instarent

& MyConnect

your main goal is as easy as possible

Step 1

Select which services would you like to get connected?

Step 2

MyConnect will give you a call, complete the form below so we have your contact details on file. Once we have received the form, we will call you , so keep an eye out for our number 03 9020 2650.

Your contact details

Where are you moving to?

Will you be purchasing a new home or renting?


Step 3

Be spoilt for choice. In our call, you will be able to select from leading service providers that best suits your needs


Step 4

Move in!

MyConnect will have all your utilities organised by the time you move in. As soon as you open the door to your new home, your services will be connected and ready to go. We really do make it that simple


Found your dream home? Let us get everything ready for you.


to get started?

Our team are always ready to help you get started on your self-managed property journey.

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